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Document your journey with landscape photography

Landscape photography is one of the widest forms of lifestyle photography as it documents the outdoor experiences and magnificent views the world has to offer. When we travel to unfamiliar grounds and chance upon a breathtaking view of the canyon or a spectacular scene of the nature, we will instinctively reach for our camera to capture the grandeur sight.

So, what defines a good landscape photograph? Our Nikon School Instructor, Elliot Lee expresses it through making a connection with his viewers to tell them the story. A good landscape photograph captures the beautiful moment; the drifting clouds in the sky, the dancing leaves on the branches, the streaming water of the river, all these elements frozen and preserved in a photograph to share an amazing story. When we look into the photograph, we will re-immerse into that place and chapter of our life.

Join him on this journey to Fort Canning Park in Singapore and see how he captures such breathtaking visual arts with a DSLR camera and some simple tricks.

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